Welcome to the official site for Rednex, famous for No.1 hits such as Cotton Eye Joe,
Wish You Were Here, Spirit Of The Hawk and Old Pop In An Oak.
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We are so fucking great that we thought – WE'LL MAKE A DOUBLET OF OURSELVES !!!

So we did! From this day, there is a second Rednex out there. Actually, pretty FAR out there...

It's what the scientists call cloning. It's probably illegal in 157 countries but who gives a shit, and it's probably not illegal in Australia & New Zealand since that's where we are doing it. Yes, on the other side of the planet, the dark side that rarely sees the light, you've probably seen programs on Animal Planet where the koalas roam in the dark and dogs looking like vampires and even the lady birds are poisonous.

Well, apparently people live there too! Seriously, they do! Looking just like us...

So we found a few and now they are touring and doing Rednex shows down there. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??!!

Some call it franchising, but we call it expanding our family. Can't get too much of that now can you?

If you want to read a more pretentious text about this, check out the press release.

So now, you can watch one Rednex in Stingray Bay (or whatever they call their towns down there...), hop on a plane and watch one Rednex in Berlin. ALL ON THE SAME DAY!!! Or you could just stay home and watch TV and write something boring on facey and fall asleep on the couch with crisps-drool all over your belly. Up to you... up to you, buddy!

Anyway, there are more of us out there now. Behold! And if you don't come to us, we'll soon COME TO YOU – AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (that was suppose to sound like the meanest Halloween laughter, maybe it didn't pan through though …) Honestly, we are not the infectious type of band (only Dagger is)...

See ya out there – TWICE ;) !



seriously, crisps-drool... ? … get a life... or a beer at least...