Welcome to the official site for Rednex, famous for No.1 hits such as Cotton Eye Joe,
Wish You Were Here, Spirit Of The Hawk and Old Pop In An Oak.
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Original bio 1994

Here is the original Rednex biography that was sent out along with the release of the debut single Cotton Eye Joe. It was written by Pat Reiniz by hand and sent to Zomba Records. The fax on the picture below is sent from Zomba Records to the Rednex studio, Future Crew Studios, to get approval for the typed version, on June 28th 1994 at 12.07. Since it was never saved in a computer, the fax is the only copy that is still saved.


(note the different spelling of Rednex which was later adjusted in the process of making the cover for Cotton Eye Joe)




The story of the Red-Nex is as shocking and unique as their mix between eurodance and country. How they managed to find civilization at all still stands out to be one of the greatest mysteries in the history of music.


It all started when Swedish producer, Pat Reiniz, in the summer of '92, was trying to track down his long distant relatives, who emigrated to U.S. during the 18th century. After enormous amount of research and improbable luck; the tracks led him to the totally isolated and forgotten village Brunkeflo City, in the state of Idaho. 120 miles from the nearest “town”, with no communication, roads or things like that which make life so much easier, the rumours led Pat to 67 of his relatives, which was also the total sum of inhabitants of Brunkeflo City.

Pretty soon it was obvious that their sense of music was the only positive gene that had survived this brutal case of inbreeding.

From this out-of-the-way corner of the world, the mosst brilliant talents were brought to Sweden to be immortalized through recordings and here we are now with the debut single “Cotton Eye Joe”.


The members of Red-Nex are Mary Joe and Ken Tacky, who take care of the vocal part. Ken also plays the banjo, and the violins are played by half-brothers Billie Ray and Bobby Sue. But don't get surprised if they have suddenly switched instruments, they know it all.


The ages of these characters are not available, since there have never been any form of birth control at Brunkeflo City, statistically or physically. But a pretty good guess is that they are all between 20-30 years old. As said, the violinists Billie Ray and Bobby Sue come from the same mother, but have different fathers. Billie Rays fathers brother is, together with Billie Ray and Bobby Sues mothers fathers sisters daughter the parents of female star Mary Joe. And then Mary Joe's mothers sister and Bobby Sues fathers mothers sisters son are the parents of male vocalist Ken Tacky, who is also right now awaiting a child together with Mary Joe's sister. One can say that these fellows are close in more than one way, especially Mary Joe and Bobby Sue, who already have a child together (sex, not identified yet).


So, from the Rocky Mountain-prairies we present, from the forthcoming album “Cotton Eye Joe” with the Red-Nex. A musical melting pot, only possible after centuries of inbreeding in the remotest part of the world.