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Wish You Were Here, Spirit Of The Hawk and Old Pop In An Oak.
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Press release 2001-03-16 - Success of Spirit Of The Hawk and band change




Rednex have once again managed to find more than 1.000.000 fans for one of their releases. This time it is “Spirit Of The Hawk” that has reached 7-digit sales. Previously, it has happened on four occasions with “Cotton-Eye Joe” (4.000.000), “Old Pop In An Oak” (1.500.000), “Wish You Were Here” (1.500.000) and Sex & Violins (1.500.000). Before the release of the next album, which recordings has begun, it is now announced that the performers of Rednex, Billy Ray, Bobby Sue, B.B Stiff and Whippy will depart from the rest of the team.


They have been part of the group for 7 years, apart from Whippy (2,5 years), but it has now been decided that due to finding other priorities in life, such as other work and interests, family etc., they will depart during the transition between the latest album and the next. Some of them will most likely pursue with solo-careers or other music business related professions and continue to release records within a near future.


The coming months, Rednex will tour in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and the Mediterranean Holiday Areas, and simultaneously record a new album, which will be released during the summer and be performed by other members of the team. They are Scarlet, Dagger, Jay Lee & Joe Cagg, and hail from three different European nationalities, but are based in Amsterdam. They are the 5th set of Rednex-performers.


Rednex is the brainchild of a creative collective that originated from Stockholm, Sweden. This playhouse is an organism of ideas, rather than built around certain individuals, which traditionally constitutes music acts. It can be compared to an open book where different authors write a chapter each, doing it whenever there are ideas and enthusiasm.


Many people are involved. When it started, a bunch of friends that were musicians, producers, actors, video directors, art designers, stylists, animators, software programmers etc., decided to start a hobby-project to let out ideas that could not be used in their various commercial professions.


The ideas are given room in a Wild West setting, which gives everyone involved a chance to participate in Rednex on several levels and take on an approach of holistic entertainment that is not limited to only music, but also images, film, games, clothing, acting, writing etc. All this comes together on the stage-show and could give the impression of Rednex being more of a partying Wild West Circus with an own produced soundtrack, rather than a traditional music group.


The amount of members in Rednex varies from day to day. The original squad that started the project is today living in various countries and several people has invited themselves into the project, creating what is today an international creative collective. Some people has left or taken a break and members go in and out as they please from their original work which constitutes of producing web sites, TV & Radio, DJ, computer arts, design, media etc.


For more information, news and previous biographies, please go to www.RednexMania.com or contact Zomba Records.