Welcome to the official site for Rednex, famous for No.1 hits such as Cotton Eye Joe,
Wish You Were Here, Spirit Of The Hawk and Old Pop In An Oak.
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Press release 2007-04-30- THE WORLD'S FIRST SALE OF A NO.1 POP BAND!

- Auctioned Online For $ 1.500.000 -
It is an historic event and a first even for show business. Now you can buy your own famous pop band. With a few clicks on eBay it could all be yours - the band, the trademark, the tour, the recordings etc.

When the world's millionaires are running out of sport teams to buy, ideas for extravagant vehicles to build or available seats on space travel flights, the music business comes to the rescue and sets a bizarre milestone in terms of what hobbies can be provided for the rich.

Pop Band For Sale Once again, it is the Swedes that are throwing around the spectacular ideas. After ABBA turned the pop scene upside down in the 70's and the Swedish producers did it with Britney Spears in the 90's, they are now turning the whole concept of artistry upside down by literally selling out a whole band.

For a mere $ 1,500,000 you could become the owner of Swedish band Rednex, who rose to fame in 1994 with the country-dance party classic 'Cotton Eye Joe', which sold 10 million world wide. In 2006, the band scored another three Top 10 singles from their fourth album, as well as featuring in the US Top 10 box office success Barnyard (Paramount Pictures) and constantly making performances including the largest European TV-show - The Eurovision.

"Since it hasn't been done before, we don't know what to expect," says one of three owners Ranis Edenberg, "but with today's hype around becoming a pop star, what could be more ultimate than buying your own No.1 band and putting yourself in it? Talk about instant fame! Considering that it's a unique product that might never appear on the market again, it will probably go down in the history books as one of the weirdest trades of all time."

Pop Band For Sale Well, whoever has the desire to live forever in the record books can log on to eBay and start the bidding on May 1st. And for those who would rather fill their pockets full of cash than to empty them there is a $25,000 reward given to anyone who finds a buyer.

For more information, visit www.popbandforsale.com