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Wish You Were Here, Spirit Of The Hawk and Old Pop In An Oak.
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PRESS RELEASE 20121105 No.1 Pop Band Starts Franchising

PRESS RELEASE – 2012-11-05 (as pdf)


No.1 Pop Band Starts Franchising – It's a Global First!


It's the first time an internationally known pop band has cloned itself. The band can now be seen performing on the same night in two different continents and with two different line-ups. Franchising has existed for over a century and currently employs over 10 million people in the USA alone. However, the approach has never been used by the persona focused artist industry – until now.


It is pan-European act Rednex, infamous for the party classic Cotton Eye Joe, which has launched a duplicate with a license to perform in both Australia and New Zealand. The franchising deal was sealed by radio DJ and industry personality, Jason Beaumont, who has set up an office in Auckland with the mission to explore the entertainment scene down under.


To kick-start this landmark event Rednex has released a new single and video, ambiguously titled 'The End'. The flowumentary** style video sparked a lot of media attention during the recording, with Hungarian tabloid Blikk reporting Rednex “Street-partying with some opaque locals in the ghetto of Budapest”. The video features the original Rednex line-up but will be promoted in Australia and New Zealand by the new franchise group. The video can be viewed here. The world premiere is shown in co-operation with the most popular beer portal in Germany - bier-index.de


The general guidelines are provided by the Rednex owners overseas, but it is my company that deals with all the local action. In over 20 years in the industry, this is by far the most thrilling project I’ve been involved in. It is without parallel,” says franchisee Jason Beaumont, who has worked as a radio DJ at RadioLIVE and music producer for Amber Stassi. It was during his time as a DJ that he became a fan of Rednex, so much so that he even got tattooed with the band’s logo.


Rednex has been trying to piece together the franchise puzzle for some time, and when Jason came along we knew we were good to go,” says Rednex co-owner Pat Reiniz. “It's an industry first and it's not like pioneering comes with a barrel full of templates. But if it proves promising then we will start looking towards USA and India where we've scored Top 10 hits but rarely had time to ever tour.”


Due to the huge distances and an already busy schedule of 50 to 100 gigs a year – almost all in Europe – Rednex has never performed in New Zealand and not visited Australia since 1995. But now the cloned version of the band could well give the thirsty partygoers down under a run for their bucks.


Rednex rose to fame in 1994. Cotton Eye Joe was followed by two more European Top 10 hits. In 2000, they spent a further nine weeks at No.1 on the German singles chart making them the longest serving No.1 artist in Germany for 30 years, having spent a total of 25 weeks at the top spot. While receiving an Echo award (German equivalent to Grammy) three months later, all band members were exchanged. As of 2012, Rednex has featured 19 performers in total.


In 2007 the owners of Rednex put the whole band and trademark up for sale on eBay for $1,500,000, although no sale was finalized. In January 2012 Rednex dissolved the concept of a permanent band and thereby allowed room for a more flexible band structure and paved the way for future franchising opportunities.


Today Rednex has eight original band members (although only four appear on stage at the same time), to add to which are the four newcomers that form the Australian and New Zealand franchise group. Their debut performance will take place in Auckland on November 29th.


** A flowumentary (flow & documentary) is a video performance with no storyboard, game plan or director. It is set in a real and unprepared environment, which incidentally sets in motion an unpredictable chain of capricious events that affects the performance in synergy with the improvised desires of the performers. The intention with a flowumentary is that The End result should be, for the most part, unanticipated and unforeseen. ”Go with the flow...”


The End