Welcome to the official site for Rednex, famous for No.1 hits such as Cotton Eye Joe,
Wish You Were Here, Spirit Of The Hawk and Old Pop In An Oak.
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Our No.1 member gets only 1 thing – 1 PRIVATE show from us with 1 after-party included, anywhere in the world! Yep, just for you, No.1! We will sort out all arrangements and bring home-brew whiskey. You just name the date, put on your boots, invite your buddies and off we go and party together! (contact us if you wish to pay with other means than Paypal)

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Buy all of it and Rednex is all yours! Put your grandmas dog in the band, release 87 different remixes of Cotton Eye Joe and call the next album "When I went fishing with Stephen Hawking and he just went on and on about gluons and morons... BAH!" (OR do something serious and profitable with it), it is totally up to you! Anything goes cause you are the boss! Make world history and become the first one ever to buy your own No.1 pop band! For more information, go to www.rednexforsale.com. (you can't buy it here cause first we need to sign a lot of papers and shit)
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