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Wish You Were Here, Spirit Of The Hawk and Old Pop In An Oak.
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Band promotion via the web - how?

Hey, and welcome to Rednex's guide to promoting your tunes on the internet. It's not always the most straightforward process in the world, and if you're a little confused and looking for some ideas, then we're here to help. Voila! Our top tips:

1) Talk!

There's nothing worse than a band that says nothing bar "here's our new CD/tour dates" and then disappears again! If you want to make people think you're engaged with them as fans rather than seeing them as a source of beer or partypoker money, then it's a wise idea to actually speak to them from time to time! Social media is a great way to do this, so if you've not caught the Twitter or Facebook bug already, now's the time to do so.

2) Allow people to download!

Whether it's for money or for free, you need to give people a digital option when it comes to buying your music! This is the age of the iTunes Store, of Spotify, of BandCamp, of MySpace (no, really, it's still alive) - there are so many ways to digitally distribute your tunes, so it's worth researching your options, and ideally, going for all the ones that sound good, to maximise your music's availability.

3) Keep people updated!

Don't let your blog go quiet for a year, lest you be painted as yet another artsy, pretentious outfit that ignore the rest of the world for a year or two at a time, only to expect a 100% attentive, captivated audience the moment they come back. Staying in contact makes you far friendlier-looking, and also means you're keeping people updated with what you're realistically putting out - a product, and in the case of concerts, a service.

Three simple tips, but believe me, it'll help. I'd like to assume you have a website already that's not just a .wordpress.com setup, but if you don't, get on that - if you can't brand, especially digitally, you're in trouble. Good luck!