Rednex is a trademark that has belonged to the owners of the Swedish company Rednex AB since the founding of Rednex in 1992, and still does.

Any of the following reasons justify, by themselves, the ownership of a trademark:

– Being first to establish a trademark.
– Registering a company that holds the name of the trademark.
– Having registered the trademark with the Register of Community Trade Marks of the EU.

For the trademark Rednex, the Swedish company Rednex AB is in control of all of the above.

Rednex AB controls and owns all rights in and to the trademark and trade symbol Rednex. Rednex is registered as a trademark in the European Union and additionally has been well established on the market by Rednex AB through extensive use of the trademark Rednex. The first recording under the Rednex trademark/symbol was released by Rednex AB in 1994 since then several recordings have been released through which the trademark Rednex by marketing and promotion has been well established by Rednex AB on the market. All rights in the trademark and trademark symbol Rednex are reserved for and vested in the owner Rednex AB. Infringements in the rights vested in Rednex AB and unauthorized uses of the trademark and/or trade symbol Rednex is prohibited and will be dealt with vigorously by necessary legal action.

There have been claims by Annika Ljungberg to own the trademark. This is incorrect. However, a “Memorandum of Agreement” was signed between Rednex AB and Annika Ljungberg on January 1st 2007 where Annika agrees to gain the exclusive world wide rights to use the trademark Rednex during a term of 2 years, provided that Annika pays a royalty percentage to Rednex AB and presents third party agreements for Rednex AB.

This deal ended on January 1st 2009. After that, Rednex AB has decided that Annika Ljungberg is no longer granted to represent the trademark. The deal does not include a secrecy clause so it may be presented to anyone who requires to study it. To receive a copy of the “Memorandum of Agreement” between Rednex AB and Annika Ljungberg, please email us.

All contracts concerning Rednex were signed by Rednex AB up until January 1st, 2007 and will continue to be signed by Rednex AB after January 1st, 2009. Rednex AB is owned by Örjan Öberg, Jan Ericsson and Ranis Edenberg.

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Trademark notice:

All rights in and to the name, sign, trademark and/or symbol REDNEX is the property of Rednex AB. All rights are reserved. Any use of the Rednex mark is subject to the prior permission of Rednex AB. Any unauthorized use will be subject to legal action and claim for damages.