Do you want to book a show with Rednex?

Have one thing clear –

WE GIVE IT AAAAAAAALLLLLL!!!We don’t spare one drop of energy on any occasion simply cause we don’t know how to.

If you want to turn your event into a full-blown party, you need Rednex on stage! We will of course play all our hits and most likely make a performance that will be the liveliest talk of your town since the arch-bishop sleep-walked naked through Rover Street in 1639.

We love our audience, our crew and to party all night with all of you is what we live for. Let’s meet – SOON!!!

To book Rednex and avoid having any lame goofers ruining your event,


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Paul Lapczynski

Management/booking/calf-roping paul (at) Phone: 0048 532 009 108