Welcome fella! You have come to the right place!

This is where you get great Rednex stuff and lose money, and where we make money to later lose them on making even more great Rednex stuff! It is called recycling! Surely you must have heard all about it! Some fella even had the Nobel prize a few years back for inventing it!

We got some right smart stuff here, anything from stickers and pins to caps and jackets to music and video downloads to exclusive articles and pictures to buying the whole band itself. Some stuff are personally made, some mass-produced, some has coffee stains and Dagger’s piss on it, some with hand-written autographs on it and there is even a poster WITHOUT autographs, with neither REDNEX’S NOR ELVIS PRESLEY’S autographs – on the SAME poster!!!! How about that, Ringy?! So, you pick’em! The prices ranging from a few cents for a download to 2 million EUR for the whole band! Your choice rattler, time to rake and scrape!

To buy merchandise such as clothes, caps, bags, pins, batches, yard-signs, underwear (not used), pillows, ashtrays, clocks, aprons, mugs and even cameras, click here.

Devil's On The Loose

So many enemies, only one Dagger...

cowboycowsay: Moooove! BIG BULL COMIN' THRU!

cowboycowsay: I am in the moooooood!

cowboycowsay: I want mooooooore!

cowboycowsay: Moooove! This is my fairway!