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Wish You Were Here, Spirit Of The Hawk and Old Pop In An Oak.
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Performers 2012

In January 2012 did Rednex develop and introduce a new idea. This idea is totally unproven and unheard of in the music industry, so basically in Rednex terms, pretty much the way we have always done things... a bit different...

We now have a larger community of performers, a ”pool” of artists that in total make up more than one Rednex set-up. The days of a permanent band is gone, though on stage we will normally perform with one girl and three guys (as we have done since 1998).

As you know, Rednex has changed performers many times and have had 15 performers in total up until 2011 with various different set-ups (see a collection of them below), so in a way, this new idea is not entirely new, but boosted towards greater freedom and flexibility.

This idea will create more freedom for all performers and the Rednex group itself since Rednex will not be entirely dependent on one single performer. This makes it possible for Rednex to always play anywhere at anytime.

For the performers themselves will it mean that they can be more flexible when it comes to personal commitments and free time, and being in Rednex will not hold them back from side projects (which has been more difficult in the past).

We will be able to always ensure the audience a completely fresh line-up with maximum energy as we can distribute the performances evenly within the pool. There will not be fixed set-ups but they will be mixed up intentionally to keep creating an exciting blend both artistically and socially. By doing this, Rednex will always maintain a high energy level and quality on the performances.

The idea is as old as Rednex itself. It was an intention already before there even was a band in 1994 (keep in mind that Rednex was created by three music writers/producers and not by performers), though the idea was never properly implemented, mostly due to the fact that record companies were a lot more powerful back in the days.

Also, as we have had many great performers through the years and still have, we would like to be able to give them all a chance to perform and not be too selective. To exclude great performers is not the Rednex way of doing things and by opening up for all our great artists will also lessen the competition within the group, as no one will be left out.

We also see an advantage towards the fans, the bookers and the media, as the fans and media will have more artists to put their interest in. For the bookers of shows will we have greater possibility to tailor make a set-up for a specific event. If a booker requires a certain performer, this will be possible.

Ultimately, Rednex has always been more different than a traditional pop band. We assume that you already know in what way otherwise you wouldn't be reading this on our web site right now. We have always preferred to be called an entertainment group rather than a pop band as we feel that a traditional pop band is a bit old-school, as the attention is too focused around certain individuals rather than the music, the show and the content of the entertainment.

The performers that are currently in the Rednex group includes Dakotah, Abby Hick, Misty Mae, Dagger, Ace Ratclaw, Joe Cagg, Boneduster Crock, Rufus Jones.