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Wish You Were Here, Spirit Of The Hawk and Old Pop In An Oak.
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Rednex - Devil's On The Loose - Lyrics & Credits

Devil's on the loose

Devil's on the loose

Devil's on the loose

Got her brains in her shoes


Now you listen good folks, cos this is a true story


I came here on Friday

No money no hope

I left here on Monday

No money no hope


Devil's on the loose

Devil's on the loose

Devil's on the loose

Got her brains in her shoes


Well, I hope you're still there folks, there's more to come


The devil like moonshine

She's out of control

Of father, oh mother

Oh brother behold

The devil like moonshine

She busted my soul




Music & Lyrics by Janne Ericsson


Produced & Mixed by Janne Ericsson


Additional Mixing for Radio Version by Anders Carlqvist & Stefan Sörin at Dreamtune


Mastered by Christofer Stannow at Cosmos Mastering, Stockholm


Executive Producers: Janne Ericsson & Stefan Sörin


Published by Rednex AB


Artwork by thisisy.com


Single cover by Stefan Sörin & Janne Ericsson


Photos by Le Monde de Leo


Video director, animations & editing by Emil Henricsson


Video live recording in Norrbygge By by Arvid Ringborg, Johan Lundin & Johan Angantyr


Video storyboard by Emil Henricsson & Ranis Edenberg


DJ/club/video promo by www.Rockstarmedia.net iaw Redbean Group


Rednex give special thanks to Åsa Andersson, Moa & Carolina, Bobby & Anita, Susanna & Svempa, Christofer Stannow, Anita Ylipää, Stefan Sörin, The Pirate Bay.


Scarlet wishes to send love and thanks to her forever friends & partners in Rhyme Dagger, Joe & Ace, for this rollercoaster ride, to Ranis, Janne and Stefan for making it all possible again and to JP, Shaun, her wonderful Mum & family and the fans for all their never ending love, belief & support x

See you all soon x


Dagger says: Thanks to my dad, Berit, Ida, Jenny and their families, my mom, Marie, Linda Nilsson, Crille, Raffen, Jyrkie, Svempa 4 good support, and special thanks to my two sons Alex and Sol and my lovely Susanna Ranefors for being around during the video shoot with lots of love and service to me and the band.


Joe Cagg likes to thank:

*Great Spirit and all it's connected Entities for another crazy ride on board of the Rednex Ship.

*Jappie, My Dearest Friend & Totem Animal, for a Lifetime of Joy, Love, and Entertainment of the Purest Kind. May Your Beautiful Magical Soul Rest in Peace. Thank You for Everything!*


Ace would like thank Ma, Pa, Bro, my son Frej, the whole Rednexfamily, our fans and all Brothers and Sisters out there in the World. Keep on helping us to spread positive energy~*~ Hugs 




Scarlet and the band dedicate this song to the loving memory of her beloved brother, and our Rednex family member, Mark Richard Tulley, who fell asleep on October 17th 2009. Taken from us far too soon, without reason, a young man at 47. We share our music in Marks name not only because we all loved him immensely but because he loved us all so strongly, his family and friends, his animals and his music, with a full heart and soul.


The epitome of a true Rednex Spirit, Wild and Free, non judgemental, forgiving, kind, funny, a cheeky little devil, a lover, a giver, a man of the purest heart. He was a true follower of Rednex, not only proud of his sister Scarlet but the entire band and its achievements and beliefs. He will be immortal in our hearts, just as love and the spirit of Rednex is immortal. Whenever we sing, play or hear Rednex, we can picture him and his big smile and that is a comfort we will hold in our hearts.


Enjoy this music, and remember Love never dies, so give as much as you can, those we have lost are all around us. Mark, we all love you and miss you so very much. Scarlet and Family thank the fans for their kindness and the entire Rednex family for their love and blessings with this beautiful and lasting dedication in Marks memory. So enjoy this music and when you listen, smile, enjoy life, be happy, for he would want that for all of you.


Dream sweet Big Brother.


Love, Scarlet, Dagger, Joe Cagg, Ace Ratclaw